What is K-POCKET?

K-Pocket is an innovative bag pack that is created for 89 million K-Pop Fans around the world.

K-Pocket is not only a media platform where provides leisure and entertainment, with K-Pocket, you can enjoy a variety of exclusive services, from cuisines to a luxurious lifestyle.

We can even make your wish come true, tell us your wish and we pursuit your dream together.

We are a platform that is overwhelmed with unlimited wonders and joy. Experience the countless opportunities in all aspects of life and a place where your widest dream can be a possibility.

At K-Pocket we hope to create a new way of living, by building a beautiful and inclusive society.

Everything you do, no matter now insignificant it seems, it maybe watching a video clip or even browsing the contents in K-Pocket, these small acts can help in fulfilling your most desired dream.

Regardless of your ethnic group, age or gender, K-Pocket can help you to bring out the best within you, creating life alternating opportunities that can shape your life in the most positive way.

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K-Pocket TV

The world’s first K-Pocket TV provides Korean entertainment news

for Korean trend lovers.


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K-Pocket Treasure Hunt Shopping

K-Pocket has carefully selected the most popular products around the world. As a member, you have the utmost priority to purchase these quality products.

You may even have luxury products to be delivered to your home for free!


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K-Pocket Connect

K-POCKET will keep you in the loop inside the Korean trend, not only finding exclusive news about K-Pop idols, beauty remedies, slimming secrets... and even have the opportunity to become an idol yourself.

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K-Pocket Money

By using the K-POCKET mobile app, you will be awarded with K-Pocket Money after preforming a variety of tasks.
These K-Pocket Money can redeemed for amazing surprises!


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K-Pocket Membership

The very moment that you start wearing a K-Pocket bag pack, you are entitled to VIP privileges and special treatment.
K-Pocket is ready to fulfil your most desired indulgence.


K-Pocket Travel

K-Pocket is willing to take care all aspects in your life,
K-Pocket will be alongside you all the way, creating a better and brighter lifestyle.


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K-Pocket Partner

K-POCKET​ welcomes collaborations from different fields, please fell free to contact us, together we can endeavor this journey of miracles.


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K-Pocket Calendar


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